The Buff Neck Scarf (Pack of 5)

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Style: Microfibre Milk Silk
Color: Grey
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Give your ears a break and wear a soft, breathable and comfortable alternative. The Buff Neck Scarf. Available in two styles, Stretch Mesh and Microfibre Milk Silk and comes in two colours black and grey. Wear it as a headband, a scarf, heck tie a knot in it and wear it like a pirate.

Stretch Mesh Specs

  • Material: 100% premium mesh polyester
  • Measurements: 10.5" x 16" (27 cm x 41 cm)

Microfibre Milk Silk Specs

  • Material: 100% premium milk silk polyester 
  • Measurements: 9.5" x 18" (24 cm x 46 cm)

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